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Site C Construction - September/October 2020

Diversion of the Peace River at Site C began on Sept. 30, 2020, when the diversion tunnels gates were opened. Photos and information by BC Hydro


Hudson's Hope Remembrance Day 2020

District staff, RCMP, and a lone veteran shared a very brief and solemn Remembrance Day service this in Hudson’s Hope this year. Due to COVID-19, the ceremony was closed to ...

Taylor Remembrance Day

2020 District of Taylor Remembrance Day ceremony

The District of Taylor's Remembrance Day ceremony was closed to the public today, but was live-streamed to the public. Mayor Rob Fraser, Taylor Fire Rescue, Pastor Wally ...


Anne Roberts Young Elementary School

A brief tour through Anne Roberts Young Elementary School in Fort St. John.


Fort St. John RCMP detachment construction

Construction of the new RCMP detachment in Fort St. John.


Site C Construction - Spring 2020

A look at Site C dam construction on the Peace River outside Fort St. John, from spring 2020.


Old Fort landslide — Summer 2020

The Old Fort landslide reactivated June 18, 2020, after heavy rains in Fort St. John.


COVID-19: Life through the pandemic in Fort St. John

Sights from around Fort St. John through the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.


Site C Construction - Fall 2019

A look at Site C dam construction on the Peace River outside Fort St. John, from fall 2019.


Stage North - The Addams Family

"I'm not letting any of you back into the crypt until love triumphs!" We dropped in on the final dress rehearsal of Stage North's production of the Addams Family on Thursday,...