Friday August 01, 2014

Enform launches WSCAT

Enform Photo.

Enform launched a pilot project version of their new Wellsite Supervisor Competency Assessment tool in October. The system, which should improve working conditions at wellsites, should really hit the web in March.

Enform is striving to improve working conditions at oil and gas wellsites with their new Wellsite Supervisor Competency Assessment Tool (WSCAT).

“The interactive online resource is designed for wellsite supervisors, engineering firms, placement agencies and producers, to enhance competencies within the industry and support continuous improvement among wellsite supervisors,” said Cameron MacGillivray, president and CEO of the safety association for Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry.

“It is industry’s first step in ensuring supervisors are competent to safely execute the oil field operations they are contracted to oversee,” he added.

Enform began the pilot project phase of the assessment tool in October with the intention of launching it completely in March, 2013.

It is accessible through

“A joint task force was formed with CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) and CAODC (Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors), and facilitated by Enform, to develop and enhance support for wellsite supervisors,” said MacGillivray, describing the genesis of the WSCAT.

“The initial project meeting took place in January, 2012,” he continued. “And a written copy assessment tool was developed by industry and used as the framework to develop a practical tool to gauge a wellsite supervisor's competency.”

Enform hopes that the WSCAT will soon become an energy sector fixture.

“We hope will become an invaluable tool for the Canadian petroleum industry by enhancing competencies and supporting continuous improvement among wellsite supervisors,” said MacGillivray, adding that the WSCAT is currently used in prescreening wellsite supervisor candidates as a way to determine their competency level and indentify opportunities for improvement.

“The online tool has a public portion designed for wellsite supervisors to share industry news and information,” said MacGillivray, explaining how the system works.

“The private portion, MyPipeline, allows wellsite supervisors to create a profile to upload their resume, experience and training,” he continued. “Supervisors are asked a variety of randomly generated assessment questions based on specific experiences. Answers are scored by an anonymous reviewer, independent of the producers. Supervisors select the producers of their choice to share their profile and receive feedback and identify opportunities to address competency gaps. Producers receive the profile and determine next steps in hiring and continued competency development.”

MacGillivray suggested that creating the tool was an important step because of the critical role that wellsite supervisors play in the oil and gas industry.

“The tool will assist producers and wellsite supervisors in recognizing training and knowledge gaps and highlight opportunities to improve competency,” he said.

“The assessment portion includes a health and safety component that provides supervisors with awareness of experience and suitability of skills for a project.

“The tool enhances current hiring practices and contractor relationships by providing a performance path that reduces overlaps in training, offers continuous improvement and confidence in abilities.”

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