Thursday July 24, 2014

Encana offers an education

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Brian Lieverse, Encana community relations advisor, stands beside the sign that is usually used by Encana for things like rig movers and safety concerns. However, for approximately a month-and-a-half, this sign will reside at Devereaux elementary school to remind drivers to slow down for the school zone.

An industrial speed-reader is on loan to Devereaux Elementary School from Encana so that people in the Peace Region will remember to slow down in the school zone.

MLA Blair Lekstrom explained that part of the reason that speeding became a concern was because the road was recently paved this past summer.

“What happened is the people where certainly very thankful for it [the paving of the road] but they said it also increased the speed on some of the traffic and with our school zone. is there anyway we could get a speed reader sign out here to make sure people are slowing down for the school?” explained Lekstrom.

Encana had one solution.

“We were asked by Blair Lekstrom’s office and ministry of transportation and info-structure because there was concern that individuals were coming over the hill a little bit fast and didn’t realize that there was a school zone down below,” Brian Lieverse, community relations advisor for the company.

Blair Lekstrom believes that Encana really went above and beyond to help out the Devereaux elementary school.

“They stepped up to the plate. It really talks about their involvement in the community,” said Lekstrom.  

While Encana typically uses this sign for work, both Lekstrom and Lieverse believe it will bring awareness of the school zone to drivers.

“We use it for advertising things like rig moves, or safety concerns, so we thought this would be a great place to put it and to help the community out for a few weeks,” explained Lieverse.

“It gives you that extra little warning – slow down, pay attention and let’s make sure that safety is our primary issue while you are driving,” said Lekstrom.

The speed-reader sign that Encana has lent Devereaux has already been in place for three weeks and will be in place at the school for a total of approximately a month-and-half.

“If we need a permanent one fixed out there we’ll review that after this, but I think the sign that Encana’s put up will go a long way to addressing the issue,” he said.

However, both Lekstrom and Lieverse believe that having this sign up even for a little while will help with the problem.

“It’s interesting. When you look, it really just catches their eye. I think that most people are doing their utmost to make sure they’re not speeding and obey the signs but that currently helps when all of a sudden a sign starts flashing and lets you know you’re a few kilometers over the speed limit,” Lekstrom explained.

Lieverse agreed: “I think it does a great job of advertising that and making people realize how fast they are going coming into the different school zones.”

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